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Robin HeppellRobin Heppell, CFSP, possesses a deep and diverse skill set. By combining his expertise in technology and pre-need, his formal business knowledge and his deep-rooted legacy in the funeral profession, makes Robin an asset to funeral homes and to cemeteries desiring to be more competitive, more profitable, and provide the best possible service for the families they serve.

Through his consulting firm, Heppell Media Corporation (formerly Heppell Funeral Solutions & Heppell Funeral Planning), of Victoria, British Columbia, he assists funeral professionals throughout North America embrace and incorporate innovative strategies and technologies.

This “Funeral Futurist” has over 20 years experience in a highly competitive, high cremation (90%) market. Robin is a fourth generation funeral director, Certified Funeral Service Practitioner and a Certified Celebrant. He earned his Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University. Robin is the creator of the Funeral Marketing Blueprint and Funeral Competitive Strategies Master Class programs for advanced funeral professionals. He is a former faculty member of the Canadian College of Funeral Service, contributor to Mortuary Management and the Canadian Funeral News, and now publishes regularly to his own websites include FuneralGurus.com and FuneralFuturist.com.

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